»A tribute to my home town - the euphoriating city of Cologne and its cathedral. With its heavenly and illustrious scent, based on essences of pure frankinsence, vetiver, cedar wood and exotic cinnamon bark, the „Luce di Colonia“ stands as an epitome of the city`s unique lightness and charisma. The candle also shares the vivid open-heartedness of the inhabitants of Cologne and their adoration of the Cologne Cathedral with the world. Olibanum (frankincense) symbolises purification, adoration and prayer. The candle`s effect is spiritually purifying, but it can also brighten you up or even have an inebriating effect. The candle`s scent aligns the physical and the etheric worlds. What`s more, the cinnamon bark also adds an aphrodisiac touch.«

The candles are handmade in Germany. Filled with 190 g nature wax.  Recommended retail price 34,50 Euro.

For each candle sold, a donation of 1.50 Euros will be made to the association »Zentral-Dombau-Verein zu Köln«, www.zdv.de, for the preservation of Cologne Cathedral - a UNESCO World Heritage Site.